The impact of reputation can be the difference between getting return customers or not. Most of the time, people who have had bad experiences in a flight with a particular airline is unlikely to book another flight with them.

There are a lot of airlines today that have been trying to boost their image in the global market because of this. However, some of the changes that they make are not quite geared towards what their customer really is looking for.

These methods in improving the reputation of their airlines have ranged from creating more space in their overhead bins to improving the quality of the food that they serve. Although these are amazing changes that encourage more people to fly with them, there are still a lot of improvements that can be done, like money back in case of flight cancellations, like the people here claim they can help with. Here are some of them:

Recharge Customer Service

According to a study made in by Rowan University, almost 50% of every 200 people who fly in commercial airlines feel that the concerns that they have are not given any priority. This same study also states that 62% of them will view an airline in a better and more positive light if their concerns are addressed when needed.

By simply boosting the customer service that they have now to be more helpful to passengers, airlines would greatly improve how they are viewed. This involves training customer care to these airline representatives and becoming more available to their patrons.

This also goes for the status of flights as well. If those who are in the know are able to give their passengers more decisive answers about how long a delay may be, then there will be fewer people getting frustrated and more passengers likely to book using the same airlines.

Show seat availability

Another great thing that airlines could do to improve their reputation is to make things as easy as possible for passengers to book their flights. It is already a great deal easier to get a flight since there are online bookings. However, access to choices in their flight is still quite limited.

The in-flight experience of a passenger impacts their flight choices greatly. Being able to choose a flight time where they will be able to take a seat by the window as opposed to one that only has the middle seats available does matter. Most of the time, passengers don’t really know what seat they will be getting until they are checking in.


There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a flight even with the improvements being made to airlines today. There is always something unexpected that can happen like a change in weather conditions or some traffic in the airport runways so there may be times that your flight will get delayed, or worse, cancelled.

If you have troubles with the airlines you are in regarding delayed or cancelled flights. There is a possibility that you may be able to claim some compensation for it. Check out to be able to get paid.