Some illnesses have well-defined cures in modern medicine, others only need the treatment of time and soul satisfying experiences. In other words, you can restore your health from within simply by embracing an activity that makes you feel happy. Hobbies are perfect decoys to a busy life, and some of them can truly enrich your experience and provide remarkable health benefits. Here are a few pastimes that are guaranteed to improve your well-being quick and easy:

Scale modeling

Staying in your garage and leaning over a small figurine while inhaling glue and paint odors might not seem like the healthiest activity. However, scale modeling is a hobby with proven health benefits that can help you battle several medical conditions. This pastime gives you time for yourself and allows you to focus on a stress-free activity.

Recent studies have revealed that building scale models regularly lowers your blood pressure, it balances your cardiac rhythm, and it increases your metabolism rate. All these effects strengthen your immune system and make you less susceptible to cardiovascular ailments or heart disease.


Many people think of gardening as an exhaustive activity that requires too much work. However, sometimes you need to get down and dirty to improve your health and brighten your life expectancy. Whether you choose to grow vegetables or just plant flowers, you can obtain a broad range of wellness benefits with just a few hours spent in the garden every day.

Caring for various plants improves your focus and empowers you with a mission that has a well-defined ending: edible produce or eye-catching flowers. With every crop, and every season you get a sense of personal achievement that increases your happiness and enough endorphins to treat minor ailments. More than that, gardening forces you to bend, kneel, lean and crawl – activities that improve your fitness and help you lose weight.


If you tell a man to consider taking up knitting as a health-improving hobby, he will probably say that you are asking him to do a woman’s job. A woman will tell you that knitting t is a thing for grandmothers, and that she is not old enough to sit by the fire sewing Christmas socks. In fact, knitting is a hobby with remarkable wellness benefits for everyone, regardless of age or sex.

Knitting seems boring until you knit the first few threads of textile. After that point, it becomes a pastime that you cannot let go. We have all seen the odd character working on a wool shirt while riding the metro, or waiting for the bus. These are the people who have the “knitting virus.” And who can blame them? This hobby gives them a vacation from everyday stress and improves their mental alertness. It also allows them to build on skills like focus, eye-hand coordination and dexterity.


Ok, this is more a sport activity than a hobby. However, you can still practice jogging at a low or medium level where you do not have to run until you get a muscle strain or faint from exhaustion. Even a half an hour of running once every two days can have a positive impact on your health. Jogging stabilizes your heart rate, it increases lung capacity, and it improves your mental abilities. More than that, you can maintain a fit, toned body without the effort of going to the gym on a daily basis.